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About Us

My HealthConnect

MyHealth by Myhealth Connect Sdn. Bhd. is established in year 2020. We are a Malaysia based company and we aim to provide a more seamless healthcare experience for everyone and a more comprehensive platform to maintain one’s health regardless of age or gender.

The journey of life brings us on journeys to many destinations. We all start our journey from birth and progress through life until old age. However, regardless of age or gender, everyone should be entitled to a healthy mind and body or be given the opportunity to improve their health status. Thus, we strongly believe that every individual should have easy access to their own eHR in order to always be empowered to make better and more beneficial decisions depending on the resources available to them.

It is based on this premise that MyHealth was created in order to enable every individual with the knowledge and thus the power to determine their lifestyle that will lead them down the road to better health.


Our Product

MyHealth app aims to provide a more seamless healthcare experience for everyone and to provide a more comprehensive way to maintain one’s health. It is an open platform for providers and users to be able to access not only EHR but also monitor one’s health condition with as many components that we could integrate along the way of development. Click here to find out more about our app’s features.