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General FAQ

What is MyHealth?

MyHealth application is a collection of your Electronic Health Record (eHR) in a digital form that you can access from your mobile device anytime and anywhere. It works as a reminder of your medical health condition.

How do I download and register?

Download MyHealth from Apple Store (coming soon) or Google Play Store and register using either your email, Google account or Facebook. More sign-in method will be available.

Can I send my EHR to other clinicians for second opinion?

Yes, you can share your eHR to registered clinicians in MyHealth Providers. (coming soon)

What benefits will I be able to get with MyHealth?

All our subscribers will be able to enjoy benefits such as;

  1. Hosting your own eHR on the app for easy access anytime and anywhere.
  2. Search for the closest and available healthcare service providers including secondary healthcare support.
  3. Personal health record tracker that would allow you and your healthcare service personnel monitor your condition efficiently. (coming soon)
  4. Managing your family’s eHR with less hassle and more control.
  5. Ease of transferring eHR between other listed medical partners via secure transmission. (coming soon)
Who is eligible to use MyHealth?

Anyone and everyone is eligible to use MyHealth, you can just download the app on your mobile devices.

Who can access my EHR?

A healthcare service provider registered as a MyHealth Partner can access your eHR subject to your granting authorization (coming soon). Your linked account(s) will be able to access your eHR subject to your granting authorization.

Is it safe to keep my EHR in electronic form?

While MyHealth will take all reasonable steps to keep the Personal Information, eHR and other information in your account secure. However, due to the nature of the Internet and the constant evolving technology, MyHealth cannot guarantee that the information stored will be completely secure. You can visit our privacy policy page.

What is an eHR?

An eHR is an electronic Medical Record that your physicians or healthcare providers record of your health condition.

How do I start using MyHealth?

Once you have downloaded and registered yourself as a user on your smartphone, fill in your personal details as much as possible in order to have a better experience with the development of the app.

Getting Started

Why can't I sign in?

If you have forgotten your password, please tap on the “Forgot Password” on the sign in page. If you are still unable to sign in, please visit contact us and get in touch with us.

How do I access my EHR?

Swipe right from the main page to access your eHR.

Can I send my EHR to other clinicians for second opinion?

Yes, you can share your EHR to registered clinicians in MyHealth Providers.

What does QR scanning do?

Tap on the QR code symbol on the main page and use your camera to scan MyHealth registered partners’ unique QR code available at their premises to check in and queue. With this real-time QMS, this will allow users to check your queue number and the queue line via your smartphone away from the waiting area in the future.

How do I update my profile?

Tap on the avatar image and tap on the pencil icon to edit user profile.  Please fill in as detailed as possible to allow our registered healthcare partners to process your information more efficiently.

How can I create more EHR?

We are constantly developing more eHR templayes to be sync with our registered healthcare partners for users’ easy access and experience. The current version allows Users to key in your Clinical Record and Vaccination Record manually and more. Remember to save once you are done.

How many accounts can I link with?

Users can link as many accounts as you want, from your parents to your children’s.

How does QR code scanning work?

Once you are within the premise of a registered partner, you may scan the QR code presented to you to register yourself and wait in queue. Please make sure your IC number is filled in correctly to allow the healthcare partners to be able to retrieve your previous records faster.

Subscription Fees & Refunds

Do I need to pay for anything?

MyHealth is free-to-use for everyone up to 2 medical record templates out of the available templated records (Lite version), however, to enjoy more advanced features and health record templates (Basic plan), there will be an annual subscription fee of RM12.90 for each account only. Please note that the Company reserves the right to revise the cost of the subscription fee by giving you 30 days prior notice.

Are the family link accounts under mine charged separately?

The annual subscription fee of RM12.90 is applicable for each account and the fees are made via our payment portal through your debit card, credit card, online banking or e-wallet.

How can I terminate my subscription?

Users have acknowledged that termination of services due to reasons other than system defects shall not qualify for refund policy and no other claims shall be entertained under such circumstances in the terms of use.

How can I make payment?

The MyHealth app uses a third-party payment processor to handle secure payment. Users can make payment with your debit card, credit card, online banking and e-wallet.

How can I terminate my subscription?

In any case of dispute or system defects, refund will be processed for you upon request. Please visit our website at www.i-healthconnect.com to contact us.

However, for change of mind or any other reasons that are not caused by dispute or system defects, we will not refund the paid subscription fee for the year or month but you will be able to still use the features until your subscription ends. You will still need to contact us to terminate your subscription for us to process.