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EHR Storage

Few taps away to your health records anytime and anywhere. MyHealth empowers you to access your EHR anytime and anywhere to view your health record history, you can also create your own record, with our simplified templated records starting from baby’s vaccination schedule and more to come along the way of our development.



Locate for the nearest and favourite healthcare service providers. MyHealth allows you to search for healthcare providers by specialization, clinic name, doctor or location with detailed information support such as nursing care, rehabilitation centres, pharmacies and laboratories.

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Set reminders for your next appointments, reminders and check your queue in-app. Consistency makes a lot of differences and we are here to ensure you turn up to your next appointment, taking your next medication, pushing you for your next work out session. And on top of that, you can check your queue number in-app from anywhere once you have registered yourself at your healthcare providers.


Health Records

Tracking your activities made easier with one app. Whether if you are tracking with your wearables or apps, MyHealth will be assisting you to track all of your activities and the best part is all in one app. It will also provide more accurate observations for your healthcare provider to monitor your journey.


Family EHR

Managed your loved ones’ health condition with more convenience. You can manage your family members’ health with better care by setting up and linking their account to yours. It also comes with reminders and booking appointments for you to keep track of their treatments and health records like yours.

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Secure Transmission

Sharing data between healthcare providers is easier only with your permission. MyHealth is developed and built as a neutral EHR database to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. It allows you to transmit and receive your EHR over secure messaging channels from our participating healthcare provider.